How do I submit references for my application and can I use old references?

References for our relevant postgraduate programs are submitted through an online reference request system, referred to as HODSPA. Please refer to the entry requirements of the course you are applying for, to see if and how many references are required.

A guide on how to use the service can be found here.

This is a paid service and you will need to have an active subscription to request and share references with Cairnmillar and other institutes.

Please note that each HODSPA ( subscription lasts for 12 months. On the 1 August each year the database is wiped, meaning that you will need to activate your subscription, request and share your references every year.

This is an external service used by most higher education providers of psychology, counselling and psychotherapy. As such, please contact HODSPA directly if you have any questions or issues with the service [email protected].