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Our career-focused courses are designed to meet the needs of students at a variety of entry levels. Find your pathway and unlock your future at CMI.

Our career-focused courses are designed to meet the needs of students at a variety of entry levels. As a registered higher education provider, our courses are university-equivalent and informed by evidence-based research and clinical practice. We offer high-quality personalised training and industry experience opportunities. At a glance, we offer:

All teaching staff are experienced practitioners, researchers and excellent educators who are committed to advancing psychology, counselling and psychotherapy through their work and interaction with students. Our small class sizes promote in-depth discussions, allowing students a chance to fully explore the subject areas.

Discover an educational experience like no other and build a rewarding career at CMI!

Founded by Professor Emeritus, Dr Francis Macnab in 1961, the Cairnmillar Institute pioneered counselling and psychotherapy in Australia. Today, we are one of Australia’s leading centres for psychological trauma counselling. We are also an industry leader in psychology and counselling education and training.

We are committed to making your experience at Cairnmillar one that continues to assist you beyond your degree. We aim to provide you with skills beyond what you will gain through the units of study, including:

  • Free leadership training and peer mentoring programs.
  • A supportive environment and a close community of students.
  • An inspiring colloquium program.
  • Academic writing and study skills support.
  • Career advice and mentoring.
  • Friendly staff with an open-door approach.
  • Professional development opportunities for a reduced price.
  • Modern and attractive learning facilities and classrooms.

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