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Elise is a registered, endorsed Clinical Psychologist and Supervisor with a Masters in Health Psychology and a passion for wellbeing. Elise maintains a clinical private practice and has a background in organizational consulting and training. Elise is experienced in public speaking, developing customized workshops, providing training and consultation in areas relating to influencing behavior, anxiety/stress management, effective communication, sleep psychology and improving sleep, mindfulness in action and topics related to helping others thrive. Elise is client centered in her therapeutic approach and makes use of a strengths based, mindful and neuro-biology framework that is solution focused and requires creative intuitiveness within evidence-based theories. Elise is largely drawn to a bottom up neural behavioural understanding of the development of self and uses this as a framework for positively influencing understanding about change and wellbeing.


Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology, Sleep Psychology, Wellbeing, Neuro-Behavioural Interventions, Consulting and Training, Interventions for Hyper-arousal presentations.

Clinically, Elise works with a range of presentations within older adolescents and adults relating to; self-worth, wellbeing, anxiety and hyper-arousal, depression, stress,  chronic conditions, adjustment, sleep disorders, parenting, relationships.

 Research Interests

  • Sleep as a core function of physical and mental health wellbeing.
  • Working with the Polyvagal system for de-arousal of Anxiety presentations.
  • The use of brain targeted specific language in re-programming behavioural and thought patterns.