Senior Lecturer

PhD MCounsHumServ PACFAClin

Teaches in Counselling and Psychotherapy, Honours and Clinical Psychology Programs

Dr Zoë Krupka is a psychotherapist in private practice in Melbourne. During her training, she worked primarily in homelessness services with refugees and asylum seekers, young parents experiencing family violence and in suicide prevention. Her methodological formation is in Emotion Focused and Existential Therapy. She has worked as a lecturer in welfare, community development, public health, psychology and counselling at the universities of La Trobe and Victoria since 2003 and at The Cairnmillar Institute since 2011. Dr Krupka has also written regularly for industry publications and the media and provided radio commentary with a focus on relational ethics, grief and loss and understanding the therapeutic process.


Emotion Focused and Existential Therapy; Psychodynamic Therapy; Supervision Practice and Ethics; Suicide Risk Assessment; Family Violence and Relational Ethics.

Research Interests

Dr Krupka’s research interests include the use of emotion focused therapy tasks in supervision; interrogating the boundaries between therapeutic work and supervision; racism in academia; sibling loss and the political frameworks of therapist self-care and burnout.

Recent Publications and Presentations

  • Krupka, Z. (2018). Holding hands in the dark: Unburdening a child whose sibling has died. Snook, B. (Ed.), in Brothers and Sisters Coping with Loss and Grief. (pp. 7-23). Queensland: Interactive Publications.

  • Krupka, Z. (2017). Challenging Snoopervision: How can person-centered practitioners offer new alternatives to the fracturing of the person in the supervision relationship? In M. Bazzano (Ed.), Re-visioning Person-centered therapy: The theory and practice of a radical paradigm. London: Routledge.

  • Krupka, Z. (2017). Supervision of emotion-focused therapy: A study of congruent practice. Person-Centered & Experiential Psychotherapies,16(4), 335-350. 

  • Krupka, Z. (2014). Therapy in supervision: Responsibility and relationship. Psychotherapy and Counselling Journal of Australia, Vol 2. 

  • Andrew, S., & Krupka, Z. (2012). The politics of self-care. Psychotherapy in Australia, 19(1), 42-47.