Senior Lecturer


Michael is a counselling psychologist with more than two decades of experience. He has worked as a practitioner in a range of settings, including community health, private practice and tertiary counselling. Michael has worked as a lecturer in several universities, teaching postgraduate psychology and counselling. His teaching interests centre on advanced counselling, intervention and assessment skills and ethical practice.

Michael is a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and a Fellow of the APS College of Counselling Psychologists, where he served as National Chair from 2011-2016.


Research Interests

Michael’s current research is focused on the professional identity of Australian counselling psychologists.

Michael’s broad research interests are in:

  • Counselling psychology professional practice issues
  • Development of practitioner identity
  • Ethics and professional issues in the counselling profession


Recent Publications

  • Chan, P., Furlonger, B.E., Leif, E.S., D’Souza, L.A., Phillips, K.J., & Di Mattia, M. (2022). An evaluation of the behaviour change content and quality of smartphone apps designed for individuals experiencing anxiety: an illustrative example for school psychologists. Educational and Developmental Psychologist
  • Davis-McCabe, C., Di Mattia, M., & Logan, E. (2019). Challenges facing Australian counselling psychologists: A qualitative analysis. Australian Psychologist, 54, 513-525. org/10.1111/ap.12393 
  • Ostojic, , Chung, J., Di Mattia, M., & Furlonger, B. (2018). A review of the processes by which school psychologists and counsellors can use taxonomies to evaluate health-related apps. Journal of Psychologists and Counsellors in School, 28, 212-233.
  • Furlonger, , Snell, T., Di Mattia, M., Reupert, A. (2018). What should be considered when designing and developing a counselling course for adults from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds? Australian Journal of Adult Learning, 58, 45-66.
  • Di Mattia, M.A., & Davis-McCabe, C. (2017). A profile of Australian counselling psychologists. InPsych, 39, 38-39.
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