Dr Russell Deighton

Dr biol hum (PhD) Dipl. Psych. (Masters) Clinical Psych BA(Hons) MAPS

  • Senior Lecturer
  • Research Supervisor
Dr Russell Deighton

Research Expertise

Russell’s research interests include cross-cultural psychology, emotional processes in clinical disorders, especially those involving self-conscious emotions such as shame and guilt. Published peer reviewed articles and book chapters and conference presentations cover range of subjects:

  • emotional processes, especially relating to shame and other self-conscious emotions,
  • somatisation and underlying emotional processes
  • trauma, also bullying and vicarious trauma
  • problem gambling,
  • cross-cultural psychology, especially as related to shame and self-conscious emotions

Research Supervision

  • Doctorate/PhD
  • Masters
  • Honours


Master of Psychology (Clinical Postregistration)
CLP604 Psychopathology & Intervention for Adults

Master of Counselling and psychotherapy
CAP510 Trauma Therapy

Master of Psychology (Clinical)
CLN751 Research Project E
CLN752 Research Project F
CLN601 Health Psychology
CLN503 Professional Practice & Professional Ethics

Master of Professional Practice in Psychology
MPP503 Foundations in Psychological Assessment & Psychopathology
MPP504 Psychological Treatment Models

Clinical Expertise

  • Trauma,
  • Loss and grief
  • Addiction
  • Problem gambling


After studying in Australia and Germany and working as a clinician, lecturer and researcher in Germany, Russell’s career in Australia has taken place between the roles of academic and practitioner. Russell started at Cairnmillar as the Head of School of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Since expanding his clinical practice, Russell has focused on lecturing and research supervision at Cairnmillar.

His current teaching at Cairnmillar covers a range of mental health conditions and integrative interventions, with a focus on individualised formulation, as well as trauma, loss and grief, and addiction (especially problem gambling). These also reflect his areas of clinical focus. Most recently, Russell has started to focus on research involving emotional dynamics in formulation.

Key Publications

Beytell, E. & Deighton (submitted). Relationship exploration between parenting style, pornography use and psychological outcomes. [Manuscript submitted for publication]. Psychology Department. Cairnmillar Institute, Melbourne.  

Deighton, R. & Murphy, A. (submitted). Validation of a new short, retrospective multifaceted bullying measure: the Bullying and Exclusion Experiences Scale (BEES). [Manuscript submitted for publication]. Psychology Department. Cairnmillar Institute, Melbourne. 

DeRidder, B. & Deighton, R. (2021). The Effect of Shame and Self-Efficacy on Gambling Behaviour. Journal of Gambling Studies, 1-15. Doi: 10.1007/s10899-021-10059-6 

Thomas R, Deighton R, Mizuno M, Yamaguchi, S. and Fujii, C. (2020). Shame and self-conscious emotions in Japan and Australia: Evidence for a third shame logic. Culture & Psychology.26(3):622-638. doi:10.1177/1354067X19851024 

Traue, H..C., Kessler, H. & Deighton, R.M. (2016). Emotional Inhibition. In G. Fink (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Stress. Third Edition. San Diego: Academic Press.