Training the Effective Supervisor: A Competency Based Approach

Key Facts

Study Load: 32 hours
Location: Online or face-to-face in Hawthorn East, Victoria
Delivery Mode: In-Person
Intake: Triannual
Fees: $200-1125

Course Overview

The Cairnmillar Institute is a Psychology Board of Australia-approved supervisor training provider. We deliver all three components of the training required for eligible psychologists to apply for Board Approved Supervisor (BAS) status. The 32 hours of training is presented in three distinct and stipulated component parts:

  • Knowledge Assessment (Component One)
  • Skills Training (Component Two)
  • Assessment and Evaluation (Component Three)

The course is suitable for psychologists who are seeking BAS status. BAS status is required for all supervisors who provide primary, secondary, or field placement supervision for:

  • provisionally registered psychologists (e.g., via 4+2, 5+1 or higher degree pathways); and/or  
  • registrars (undertaking registrar program for area of practice endorsement).   



Psychologists are eligible to enrol if they have:

  • Held general registration for a period of three years; or,
  • Held an area of practice endorsement for at least two years (to supervise registrars and some Higher Degree field placements).

What does this course offer?

Participants will gain the knowledge and skills to provide competency-based supervision to provisional psychologists and/or registrars undertaking:

  • A 4+2 internship program
  • A 5+1 internship program
  • An accredited higher degree program
  • A Registrar program, leading to area-of-practice endorsement.

Participant learning outcomes include developing: 

  • Greater knowledge and skills in the competency-based model of supervision 
  • Effective supervision practices and recognising how to set supervision up for success 
  • Knowledge and skills in establishing and managing the supervisory relationship, including responding to ruptures, conflict, or problems  
  • The ability to assess and evaluate the psychological competencies of the supervisee, including identifying any progress concerns 
  • The ability to evaluate the supervisory process.

Upon completion of all components, participants are required to submit the following registration form to the Psychology Board for professional recognition.

Course Structure

There are three components for this course. Component One and Component Three are online courses. Component Two is a two-day workshop, conducted either face-to-face or online.

  1. Component One (Knowledge Assessment)
    This component is delivered as an online self-paced eLearn module and comprises guided reading and related quizzes. Participants must achieve at least an overall score of 90% in the assessments to pass this component and to be eligible to register for Component Two.
    This component constitutes 10 hours of coursework and CPD.
  2. Component Two (Skills Training Workshop)
    The Component Two workshop is conducted over two consecutive days (Day 1: 9am-4.30pm; Day 2: 9.30am-4.30pm).
    Component One is a prerequisite for this workshop however does not need to be completed at the same provider.
    Component Two constitutes 12 hours of coursework and CPD.
    Workshops are offered either online or face-to-face onsite at The Cairnmillar Institute in Hawthorn East, Victoria.
    Please note – catering is not provided for our face-to-face courses, however, there are kitchen facilities available for participant’s use.
  3. Component Three (Assessment and Evaluation)
    This is the final assessment component of the BAS training. It involves submission of a 50-minute recording of a supervision session, together with a 1,000-word self-assessment essayGuidelines for the submission requirements will be provided and align with the Component Two training. Please note, participants who have completed Component Two at another provider, should carefully review the requirements of this component upon enrolment.
    Components One and Two are prerequisites for this course. This course constitutes 8-10 hours of coursework and 10 hours of CPD.
    As per AHPRA requirements, the Component Three assessment must be submitted within four months of completing Component Two.


Enrolment and Course Dates

Component One:
You may commence Component One at any time, once full payment has been received and upon confirmation of your enrolment.
To enrol in this component only, please visit one of the Component Two event dates below and select the ‘Component One Only’ ticket option.

Component Two:
Following successful completion of Component One, you may enrol in a Component Two workshop by selecting your preferred date from the list below. You may otherwise pre-reserve your place by purchasing the ‘Component Two Only’ or ‘Three Component Discount Package’ ticket option. 

To be notified of upcoming workshop dates and when enrolments are open, please submit your interest here.

Please note, this course is subject to receiving a minimum number of enrolments and conditional to Government restrictions implemented at the time of the course. In the case we are unable to deliver the course face-to-face, the event will be transferred to online delivery. We will email all registered attendees as soon as possible if changes are required. In this case, a free course transfer will also be available to an alternative course date, or a full refund of the course minus any platform ticketing fees.

Component Three:

Following successful completion of Component Two, you may commence Component Three at any timePlease ensure you have completed Component Three within 4 months of completing Component Two (and within 12 months of enrolling in Component One). 

Our Trainers

Dr Renzo Vittorino

Michelle Doolan

Further Information


Our course fees are inclusive of GST. Participants receive access to a range of materials and resources through our online learning management system, as well as a certificate of completion for each component.

Component One: $200

Component Two: $750

Component Three: $450

Three Component Discounted Package: $1125 (saving of $275).

Please note that to be eligible for the discounted package full payment must be made upfront, and all components must be completed within 12 months of enrolment in Component One. No refunds are available for this package. If you require to alter training dates for component two, you may transfer to an alternate training date, subject to what is available – however the overall 12 month period still applies.

No additional discounts are applicable.


When am I eligible to complete the training?

As specified by The Board, psychologists require a minimum of three years’ general registration (or equivalent overseas registration or licensure) before being eligible to apply for BAS status. It is permissible to commence BAS training after 2.5 years of general registration, in anticipation of completing the training requirements and applying for BAS status after 3 years of general registration. 

In addition to the above, to be eligible to apply for BAS status to supervise registrars (and some higher degree field placements), psychologists must also hold the relevant area-of-practice endorsement.  


Do all three components need to be undertaken at the same provider? 

Yes, participants are eligible to enrol and complete each component at separate providers. However, it’s important to note that each provider’s workshop focus may differ, so participants should carefully review the requirements of each individual component upon enrolment.


Can you offer the Component Two workshop for my workplace?

Cairnmillar can offer this or other tailored courses for your organisation’s needs. If you have a group of 10 or more participants, we can come to you. For further information, email the Professional Development Team at [email protected] or phone 03 9813 3400.

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