Awareness of Vicarious Trauma

Key Facts

Study Load: 3 Hours
Location: Available Australia-Wide
Delivery Mode: Online
Intake: On Request
Fees: Price negotiated depending on group size and location.

Course Overview

In this workshop, participants will explore the concept of Vicarious Trauma, also known as secondary trauma, and gain practical insights into its definition, characteristics, impact and risk factors associated with individuals who work with trauma survivors. This workshop is evidence based to empower participants with the structured knowledge and skills essential for recognising and responding to vicarious trauma effectively.

What does this course offer?

By participating in this workshop, participants will understand:

  • Understand Vicarious Trauma and how else is it known​;
  • Analyse risk factors and awareness of vicarious trauma/secondary trauma​;
  • Recognise protective factors to better manage and prevent vicarious trauma​; and
  • Examine ways to process emotions, self-care and workplace practices​.

This workshop is capped to a maximum of 18 participants.

Course Structure

This course is delivered across three hours and is available both online and face-to-face, so you can choose the option that suits you best. Our team of experts will be happy to deliver the course at a location of your choice, or you can visit our training facility in Hawthorn East, Victoria.

Our Trainers

This workshop will be delivered by one of our experienced trainers.

Further Information

For more information on how this workshop can help your team, or for group quotes and to secure training dates, please contact our Professional Development and Training team on [email protected] or at 03 9813 3400.


Can the learning outcomes be tailored to my organisation?

This workshop can be customised for an additional fee, to meet the specific needs and goals of your organisation to ensure that the content addresses your unique challenges and objectives. Consider collaborating with our Professional Development and Training team on [email protected] to create a tailored leaning program that aligns with your organisation’s strategic priorities.

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