How can I check the status of my application?

Applicants can login to the application portal at anytime to check the status of an application. Any progress or outcomes regarding your application will be promptly communicated to you via email.

For courses that require references, please check the HODSPA portal to confirm that the minimum number of references required have been shared correctly with Cairnmillar. A delay in providing references past 31 October means a delay in your application being processed. Cairnmillar is not responsible for ensuring that referee reports have successfully been provided.

You may see the following statuses attached to your application:

Pending Once submitted, an application is pending until it has been preliminarily reviewed.

You are still able to edit your application while it is pending.

Incomplete After an initial review, an incomplete application status means that some important information is missing and your application cannot be progressed until it is provided. This can include documents outlined in the entry requirements, or key demographic information.

You will receive a request for this missing information via email. If the additional information is not provided, then your application will not be progressed further.

You are still able to edit your application while it is incomplete.

Complete After an initial review, an application is marked as complete if no further documents or information is required. The application will be progressed for further review.

You are not able to edit a complete application. Please email [email protected] to request changes.

Interview For courses that include admissions interviews, this status means that your application has been progressed and you will be receiving an invitation to interview for this program via email.

Please note, that this applies only to the course that you have applied for and does not mean you will be invited to interview for all programs.

We ask for your patience when receiving interview invitations. If your application has this status, you will be receiving an invitation once available times have opened up.

Offer This status means to expect an official offer of study via email. Please be patience as our School Admin Team communicates a large number of offers during the admissions period.
Declined This status is displayed when an application has been unsuccessful for the current admissions period.

Our Academic Registrar will communicate this outcome via email.