How many offers do you typically make for each course?

Entry to all programs at Cairnmillar is competitive. Entry requirements are listed on each Course Page and detail the minimum to be considered for entry. Satisfying these requirements does not guarantee entry.

We take into consideration a number of factors in addition to academic results, in particular performance in an admissions interview and referee reports, if applicable.

In general, intakes to most programs include 2-4 rounds of offers. Some indication of maximum intake numbers are as follows:

  • Master of Clinical Psychology (Post-Reg): 60 places (part-time only).
  • MPsych(Clinical) and DPsych(Clinical):  25 places (combined).
  • Master of Professional Psychology: 40 places.
  • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours): TBC/not advised.
  • Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science: TBC/not advised.
  • Counselling and Psychotherapy programs: 30 places (combined).

Note: This information is indicative only. We reserve the right to vary our intake numbers with or without notice based on availability of resources and the calibre of applications in any given application period.