I completed an APAC accredited fourth year (Honours or equivalent) more than 10 years ago, which course(s) am I eligible for?

In this situation you will be required to refresh your skills and knowledge by completing our Graduate Certificate in Pre-Professional Psychology.

The units you will normally need to complete as a refresher program are:

  • HON401 – Professional Practice and Professional Ethics
  • HON402 – Psychological Assessment
  • HON404 – Developmental Psychopathology Across the Lifespan
  • HON407 – Research Methods

Approval of a refresher sequence does not guarantee admission to a masters program, however it may make you eligible to apply.

You can also contact [email protected] for additional advice or to develop an individual pathway plan. For example, applicants who have recently completed a PhD may not need to refresh their Research Methods subjects.

Note: this advice does not apply to registered psychologists seeking admission to the Master of Clinical Psychology (Post Registration). Registered psychologists are required to maintain current skills and knowledge through CPD and practice. See instead the following FAQ item: I am a registered general psychologist, can Cairnmillar help me become a Clinical Psychologist?