I completed an APAC accredited undergraduate degree more than 10 years ago, which course(s) am I eligible for?

If you completed an APAC accredited undergraduate degree (or equivalent overseas qualification as assessed by the APS) more than ten years ago and have not undertaken any additional APAC accredited studies in psychology in the intervening time, then you may be asked to complete a refresher sequence prior to a formal offer being made for the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours).

The information below applies to applicants who are asked to complete a refresher sequence prior to applying for the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours): 

You will need to complete four units (one semester full-time or equivalent part-time) from a Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science or equivalent APAC accredited 2+3 year sequence (APAC level 1) or the Bachelor of Psychology and Counselling undergraduate degree.

We recommend our Graduate Certificate in Psychological Science. The Graduate Certificate consists of any four of the six offered units from the Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science program. It can be studied full time in one semester (half a year) or part-time in two semesters (one year).

You must undertake PSY402 (Research Design and Statistics) or an equivalent research methods unit as part of your refresher sequence, unless you are otherwise able to demonstrate current knowledge and training in statistics and research methods. You can undertake any three of the other units offered.

If you already hold an APAC accredited undergraduate degree or equivalent you will need to obtain a 70 average in your four units and maintain satisfactory academic integrity and personal conduct during your studies, in order to receive a guaranteed offer to our APAC accredited 4th year program the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours).

NOTE: the Graduate Certificate in Psychological Sciences is taught online only, whereas the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) is only offered in-person at our Hawthorn East campus.