I have not finished my current qualification or got my final grades yet, what should I provide?

All applicants must provide an official transcript as evidence of their past results. If you are currently completing a course of study, you will still need to request an official transcript and upload it with your application. Please contact your current institution for advice about obtaining an Official Academic Transcript or similar official evidence before you have completed your course.

Screenshots do not count as official evidence of prior results and will not be accepted.

Given that your prior studies and therefore transcript will be incomplete, your application will still be provisionally considered and ranked based on weighted average mark (WAM) for the units that have been completed.

Once you have final grades for all units of study, you can re-submit your updated Official Academic Transcript and final WAM score to [email protected] and your application will be updated at that time.

If your grades are not listed out of 100 (i.e., in GPA or letter grade format), you may be asked to provide evidence from your current/previous institution that translates your grades into a WAM.

All offers are conditional upon maintaining minimum entry requirements, including complete and final WAMs.