My current or former institution does not list results out of 100 on my transcript, what should I do?

Unfortunately, because your current or former institution uses a GPA grading system or does not provide exact marks on your official academic transcript, we will require an additional document from you in order to process your application.

We will require an official letter from your Head of School or Course Coordinator which states your marks numerically (out of 100), for all APAC accredited units of study in psychology, including an overall weighted average mark (WAM) out of 100. Your psychology or administrative department should be familiar with providing these letters, as WAM is an APAC requirement for entry.

Please upload this evidence with your application, or send it to [email protected] and we will upload it to your application for you.

If your institution asks to send the document directly to us (in the case that some of your marks are still provisional, for example) then it can be sent directly to [email protected].