What is the minimum grade or WAM for an offer in your courses?

Entry to all programs at Cairnmillar is competitive. Entry requirements are listed on each Course Page and detail the minimum to be considered for entry. Satisfying these requirements does not guarantee entry.

Selection at Cairnmillar is holistic and includes factors other than academic grades. In addition to academic results we take a number of factors into consideration, in particular performance in an admissions interview and referee reports, if applicable. There is no guaranteed entry grade and grades for those who received offers in prior intakes will vary.

Please note: For courses that do have a minimum grade to apply, this is strictly enforced and personal or professional experience and references cannot be taken instead of the required academic results. Meeting the minimum cut-off to apply is not normally enough for an offer to be made.

Example – Master of Psychology (Clinical Psychology): While a high H2A (75%) is the minimum WAM to apply, to be competitive for entry to this program results in the 80-85+ range (e.g. H1 or HD) are likely necessary.