Who should my referees be?

You need to do your best to provide a strong application, including choosing referees who can best attest to your suitability for a professional career in psychology or counselling and psychotherapy.

Examples of an academic referee include:

  • Teachers
  • Tutors
  • Lecturers
  • Research supervisors

These referees need to be able to comment on your writing and research abilities, as well as your suitability for a career in your chosen field. For the Master of Clinical Psychology (Post Registration), you can use your professional supervisor as an academic referee.

Examples of professional referees include:

  • Employers/managers
  • Volunteer coordinators
  • Representatives from an organisation you volunteer for (e.g. a Lifeline team leader)
  • Professional counsellor or psychologists
  • Any other relevant person you have worked with, who can comment on your work ethic and your personal qualities with some authority.

Referees should not be close friends and should not be related to you.

We do not answer questions about the suitability of your choice of referees and do not pre-assess applications. If you need help in finding suitable referees and making the best application possible, we suggest that you speak to your current academic advisors, or someone you know in the fields of counselling or psychology.

We are a small school and cannot provide tailored support to all applicants. Ultimately applicants are responsible for finding suitable referees who know them well enough to comment on the relevant areas of their ability.