As part of our mission as a not-for-profit charity, we extend our traditional psychology and counselling services to include a free and low-cost community clinic. Our community clinic is open to Children, Adolescents and Adults. No referral or mental health care plan is required.

The Cairnmillar Community clinic is staffed by a mix of students studying at Cairnmillar and completing their practical placement requirements. These students are either registered psychologists studying further, doctoral psychology students, provisional psychologists or counselling and psychotherapy students undertaking their postgraduate studies for registration. All our student clinicians provide this work under the care of experienced supervisors. All clients will have an initial intake call of 20-30 minutes via telephone to help assess whether we are a suitable service to assist your needs.

Clients engaging with the community clinic will work with our student clinicians who will undertake treatment planning, counselling and reviews to assist clients to address their needs and outcomes.  Our one-on-one sessions with a student clinician are offered at no cost and can be conducted either face to face or via telehealth..

Assessment Services

Assessment services such as cognitive assessments, personality assessments, behavioural/learning assessments or vocational assessments are offered at low cost (between $110-$660 depending on number of assessments needed). If an assessment requires the input of an experienced registered psychologist, then a quotation will be provided.

This is staffed by provisional psychologists undertaking postgraduate studies and who work under experienced supervisors. There is no restriction on the number of sessions clients can have at the Community Clinic, with low cost options for treatment and assessment. Children, Adolescents and Adults can be seen without a referral or mental health care plan in the Community Clinic.

Our Clinics

Cairnmillar Community Clinics can be accessed at the Dandenong, Hawthorn East, Melbourne CBD and North Melbourne clinics. 

(PLEASE NOTE: Our premises are currently under the up-to-date COVID mandates for face to face appointments.)

For further enquiries;

Call: 1800 391 393

Email : [email protected]

Meet our Provisional Psychologists/Counsellors