Methods Coordinator and Senior Lecturer

PhD BSc(Hons)

Dr Trawley is a cognitive research psychologist with a PhD awarded by The University of Sussex in 2006. Since then he has been involved in a range of research projects related to psychology and health. This work has included clinical drug trials, a county wide dementia prevalence study and a RCT on the beneficial effects of a long-term hybrid closed loop insulin delivery on glycaemia when driving.


  • Cognitive psychology
  • Research methods

Research Interests

His research interests are focused on the applied aspects of cognitive research. For example, he is currently researching the role of prospective memory and attention in diabetes self-management and the impact of new technologies (e.g. ‘closed loop insulin pumps’) on cognitive functioning. Steve also has a strong interest in road safety and is currently overseeing two field studies investigating Australian drivers who use insulin to manage their diabetes.

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